Join the innovators, entrepreneurs, and creatives who are making things happen in our community.

Meraki Collective was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to bring together entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders and creatives to co-create a community which lives at the intersection of health, wealth, and happiness in Smiths Falls, all while leading the way for other like-minded, community driven small towns in Canada and beyond.


Join us for December's Special Event:

When & where: Wed Jan 31, 2018 @ 5pm-9pm

Start off the new year by empowering yourself to take control of your financial state, gain new professional connections & new friends.

After doors open (5 pm), we’ll start off the night with an engaging and informative presentation from our resident small business financial experts Wendy Martin and Sean Lawrence who will give you the important details about Bill 148 & CRA Changes that WILL Affect Your Small Business. This isn’t all doom and gloom. They’re also going to give us 3 of their top small business $ saving tips and what else we can do to ensure 2018 is a financially successful year.  Only 35 tickets available so don’t wait to reserve your spot.

Avoid the common misconception that because you don’t have any employees, you will not be affected in big ways by this change.

Enjoy complimentary snacks, craft cocktails, wine, and beer at happy hour prices, & have an invaluable conversation about what is actually happening and how these changes will affect your business.

Get your $7 ticket now. Spots will sell out fast. Let us know you’re coming on our Facebook Event Page too. See you there!


The Meraki Collective is a community and coworking space in downtown Smiths Falls, ON. We are an active, creative, and sustainable tribe of remote (work-from-home) professionals, consultants, freelance artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses/start-ups, working in a shared environment for the purposes of productivity, innovation and some collaboration.

Non-members: By appointment only

Members: 24/7 keyless entry

Meraki [meh-rah-KEE] (v.):
To do something with soul, creativity, or love;
to put the essence of yourself into your work.

Our Mission

To bring together local entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, and remote workers for the purposes of collaboration, innovation, productivity, and fun.

To fuel the urban revitalization and cultural vibrancy of Smiths Falls by creating a collaborative space designed to recruit and retain talent in the creative, technical, innovative, and knowledge services.




Co-founder, Tier 1 Janitor


Co-founder, Marketing Specialist

We Believe In:

– collaboration over competition
– community over agendas
– participation over observation
– doing over saying
– friendship over formality
– boldness over assurance
– learning over expertise
– people over personalities
– “value ecosystem” over “value chain”

Our Vision:

To leave a vibrant, sustainable, creative, conscientious,
and evolved Smiths Falls for future generations.


Coming soon! Because working from home alone sucks sometimes.

Are you starting to glare at the local kids hanging out at your office (Tim Hortons) while you’re working hard on your laptop? Or are you the kind of person that is starting to go a little nuts working from home alone. Have you been fantasizing about working from one of those awesome, start-up style, new agey, open-air office spaces? If you said yes to any of the above, the Meraki Collective coworking space is just what you need.

Now in the downtown district of Smiths Falls, Meraki Collective members get a professional, creative, and downright fun space to work. It will even come filled with an incredible community of like-minded change makers who are loving/struggling through the same journey as you.

What are you waiting for? You’ve been working from home with your pants off long enough to know that perk has lost its novelty.



High-speed, mega stable wireless internet access, printing, and office stuff galore.


Meet friends, collaborate on projects, or simply bounce ideas off of each other.


Free endless waterfalls of the nectar of the Gods that is local coffee shop coffee. Oh, and water. We also have a big kitchen which you can use to whip up some grub. Plus, we’ll be offering free local beers (donations are always appreciated)


Bring your laptop and enjoy any shared workspace seat in the house. We have different decor and zones so you’ll find a comfy/inspiring spot to do your best work no problem.


Rent one of our soon-to-be newly renovated private rooms for rent. We’re open to renovating it the way you need it for your biz. Contact us for more info.


Want to bring your new client or small team to enjoy the inspiration of the Meraki Collective? Rent out our private whiteboard collaboration room.


Participate in our dynamic member-run workshops. Bring your unique genius and present to our community. Or sit back and soak up the knowledge of someone else who is doing big things.


Bring your boyfriend, wife, best friend, and/or mom or one of our monthly happy hours to meet the crew. Show them how awesome we all are!

Get a Tour of Meraki.

Looking for workspace right in the hub of Eastern Ontario? Meraki Collective is a  coworking space opening soon and located in downtown Smiths Falls, ON. complete with hot desks, an exotic vibe, printing, professional services, and more – everything you need to take your business to the next level.

  • Whiteboard Conference Room
  • A/V gear, webinar lighting, podcast equipment
  • Printing and office supplies
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Free coffee, tea, and beer
  • Professional & Social Events
  • Unique Common Area


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