Demo & Construction Crews Are in Full Swing

Demo & Construction Crews Are in Full Swing

Yes! The crew (well – basically Jeff and I) are working hard tearing down some really resilient wood paneling and building new walls to give Meraki an effortless feng shui flow. If not exactly feng shui, at the moment we’re working on some very cool washrooms with shower and a custom seating area to plug away at the laptop, eat some lunch, or just hang with other people in the space.

We’re looking at an early April grand opening, but it could be sooner. We’ll see!

Construction hours are after dark so if you pass by the Meraki building on William Street W., look into our fully lit top floor and maybe you’ll see us plugging away. Just try not to laugh too hard at my attempt to help build things.

Pics of progress:


Big thanks to the Knights of Columbus who sold us the building. They left it in great shape with beautiful new windows. Although, we’ll have to address the roof soon. Pay no attention to the bloody looking icicles hanging on the east side. Yikes.


This wood paneling is fighting back! So splintery. So everywhere.

Leaving the real work for the tier 1 builder Jeff D.



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  1. Jennifer

    Wow, this is really exciting. I love the sense of community this will help facilitate in Smiths Falls.

  2. Heather

    It’ll be a huge accomplishment! What a great project! Good luck and have fun!

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