New Kids in Town are Here

New Kids in Town are Here

It’s official! We wifed up this big brick beauty as the new location of the Meraki Collective. As you can see, she can use a little (maybe a lot of) love but even as is, what a sight don’t you think?


To celebrate, Jeff and I went to the local bar The Groggery on Russel Street and had the pleasure of meeting the owner Justin who was telling us how stoked he was to see that several other buildings on William Street W. had also recently been purchased.

Amazing! Smiths Falls is on the up and up – I’m so grateful to be a part of its journey back to greatness.

Here are a few shots of the other buildings that have recently been purchased in our bit of the town:

img_1386  img_1393

Best of luck to you all! Looking forward to meeting you.



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  1. Susan Irvine

    We are very excited to read this news. A commercial building behind us has just sold as well. Things are starting to move. Hope is a wonderful thing.

    1. Jessica

      That’s great, Susan! What street is that building on? And yes, hope is so wonderful. You can’t manifest a flower, all beautiful co-created things start at seed. <3

  2. Cathy Onion

    Hi Congrats Welcome to town!!! If possible we would love to hear from you cupe local 2119

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