3 Hellish Realities That Are Actually What It’s Like to Work From Home

3 Hellish Realities That Are Actually What It’s Like to Work From Home

#1. The degradation of human to human social skills.

When you work from home, you know there are times when you haven’t stepped into the sunlight for days maybe even weeks. There are moments when you find yourself out in public feeling like you’re in mid Sméagol-to-Gollum transformation and could really see a good life for yourself in the Misty Mountains.




#2 Distractions

Working from home is hard for us procrastinators. So goddamn hard.

95% of all people procrastinate at times, and 15% to 20% are chronic procrastinators. According to University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business human resources professor Pies Steel, “Three factors make us procrastinate. . . One, lack of confidence about finishing the job; two, boredom with the task; and three, the human tendency to go for immediate reward over long-term gain.”

If you’re an entrepreneur or small-business owner, procrastination can increase your stress level and cost you money. It’s especially difficult if you work at home. There’s always laundry to be done, or you could write that email or finally fix the toilet, or you could go to the grocery store and meal prep because you’re going to get healthy this week!


#3 Loss of coworker banter

Finally, good ‘ol isolation. Without colleagues, peers, like-minded friends, and clients around, you realize that working at home is silent, lonely, and it becomes way too easy to start talking to yourself. If you’re extroverted, working alone may lead to depression, insomnia, physical illness and more. And I know that even if you’re introverted, you will likely realize that you have a difficult time working in a solitary environment.

When you’re alone, there can be no serendipitous discussion by the coffee maker, no more birthday cake, no more daily outside-the-family human interaction. You’re alone. You may find that you relied upon those casual interactions more than you ever realized.




The Solution?

Coworking! Brush your teeth, put on your pants, and meet the coworkers you never knew you needed. Join our newsletter by filling out the form on the side column of this blog to get updates on when Meraki Collective opens it’s doors. We’re coming soon to Smiths Falls, ON in Feb 2017.

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