5 Minute Family Portrait Tutorial That Blends With Your Gallery Wall

Art Flow DIY Family Portrait Gallery Wall Procreate

Gallery wall diy portrait procreate artflow blog

Gallery walls are always a little tricky, add a personal touch to your art filled gallery wall with this five minute family portrait tutorial! This is the best way to make your artwork seamlessly blend with your family portraits, while reducing your chances of it looking too busy. 

What you'll need:
  • Option 1: An ipad with an apple pencil. I use an ipad air and purchased the Procreate app.
  • Option 2: An android tablet with the Art Flow app. 
  • This Stylus Pen I purchased from Amazon. I have a 2 in 1 chromebook with a larger screen so I used it for this project.
  • Optional: Cardstock paper and a printer if you choose to not have it professionally printed.
First you'll need to set up your documents. Create a new file based on your photo frame, there should be preset sizes to choose from based on your photo frame. I was working with a 8 x 10 frame so my file size was 4096 x 3276.  Once you've set up your file, you'll need to choose the pen you'll be drawing with. Depending on which program you're using, with Procreate you should use the monoline pen and for Art Flow you could use the bamboo pen. 
Gallery wall diy portrait procreate artflow blog
Once this is done, you'll need to take a picture of your space (I used my living room) and import this photo of your room on your new layer. Select the eye dropper tool and hover over the colours you want to incorporate in your portrait. Once you find a colour, lift your pen and mark a quick sample of this colour on the side. In my picture you can see that I drew little samples of each one below my photo for a quick reference for the actual drawing. Repeat this step until you have the all the colours you like in your space.
Then you'll need to create a new layer above your room photo layer and import your portrait photo you want to trace. Centre it within your document. 
Gallery wall diy portrait procreate artflow blog
This is a very important step, you'll need to create a new layer each time you introduce a new colour or item to trace. Layers are exactly what they sound like, the layers above will overlap the layers below. So keeping them seperate is important, in case you make a mistake and need to correct any colours or tracing mistakes. 
I like to start with each one persons skin tone. You'll need to use the eye dropper tool to select the skin tone of the person. Once you find a good colour that reflects the overall person, you'll need to then outline all the applicable areas such as their face, neck, arms, etc.
Once it's outlined, you'll need to colour it in. Depending on your program, you will need to use the paint bucket tool on Art Flow or by dragging the colour into your filled space on Procreate. 
Next, you'll work on the hair for each person. Make sure this layer is above your skin tone layers. This will help clean up your lines. 
If I'm being 100%, it does look a little creepy at this point because you've lost all your faces and the rest of the photo is still showing. Just keep going and start to introduce your home decor colours. I promise it will look good at the end!
Open a new layer below your hair and skin tone layers. This layer will be for clothing and other parts of your family portrait. You'll use your eye dropper tool to take the home decor colours you made samples of in the beginning, and you can start to outline the pieces of clothing and colouring them in as your home decor colours. Keep adding your clothing until your portrait is done!
Gallery wall diy portrait procreate artflow blog
Hide your two original layers, the actual photo layer (the one you've been tracing) and the home decor photo with the colour samples on it. Once that's done, you'll see just your portrait.
Add a layer at the very bottom of all your layers and draw an organic shape behind everyone. This can help bring in another colour from your space into your artwork. 
Now, I know that I SHOULD say that you should get it printed at a photolab or Staples professionally.. but, I just don't have the time for that. I printed it on matte cardstock paper at home, but I'll leave this decision up to you!
Quick Tip: I like to have consistency in my frame thickness so that it brings a cohesive element with the artwork. 
Gallery wall diy portrait procreate artflow blog
Once you get the hang of tracing and colouring in your layers, you'll feel like a kid again with colouring books! Let me know how this DIY worked for you and tag us in your gallery wall! 
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