DIY Playroom Mini Market Makeover


DIY Playroom Mini Market Makeover Janod kids toy

I would love to normalize beautiful toys and playrooms! So many people tried to tell me it wasn't possible to have toys that matched my home decor. This route isn't for everyone, but it was a must for me, since I see and clean up these toys everyday! This DIY is taking the Janod wooden market and making it black, white and even more beautiful.

What You'll Need:

  • Painters tape
  • Black acrylic paint (or primed back spray paint)
  • Gold sharpie marker
  • 1" High white letter board letters to spell out MARKET
  • Gold paint bracket or primed gold spray paint)
  • Whitewood contact paper
  • removable wallpaper and a design that's fun and playful and matches your decor
  • Box cutting knife
  • Credit card wrapped with paper towel
  • Full white flowers
  • Hot glue

DIY Playroom Mini Market Makeover Janod kids toy
First you'll need to tape off the white part of the awning to protect it from the black paint. Then you'll need to paint the front and back sides of the awning, as well as all sides of the fronts of the fruit and veggie shelves, from green to black. It's still cold where I am, so I wasn't able to spray paint this, but spray painting would give it a really nice and even finish.

Once the pieces of the awning is fully dried, you'll need to trace out the word "mini" in a calligraphy style of your choice, and then lay out the word "MARKET" below with your letter board letters. Remember to lay out the awning into where the back panel screws into it, so that when you assemble it together, everything is properly placed.

Optional: I painted some of the accessories, like the weight scale and some parts of the cash register, from red to gold, so that it matched some of the gold accents in my space.

DIY Playroom Mini Market Makeover Janod kids toy

Next you'll need to start wrapping the top table top and the backs of the shelves holding their fruits and veggies with the whitewood contact paper. To prepare for this, you'll need to lay the contact paper on top of what you want to wrap, and start from one edge, then make your way by wrapping it around the whole piece, and cutting it at the end of the edge with your knife.

Tip: When pressing the contact paper onto the surface, you'll need to use a credit card wrapped in paper towel to squish out all the air bubbles. This will help make sure it looks seamless!

DIY Playroom Mini Market Makeover Janod kids toy

Then you'll wrap the side panels and the bottom shelf in your removable wallpaper. This is done by the same steps listed above by using a knife blade and a credit card wrapped in paper towel.
DIY Playroom Mini Market Makeover Janod kids toy
Assemble everything together from here! The last step is hot gluing your white flowers onto the corner of the awning, and the corner of where the tabletop meets the post.
DIY Playroom Mini Market Makeover Janod kids toy
I hope your little one loves this little mini market make over as much as YOU do! It really does make cleaning up a little bit more fun. Be sure to check out our Nursery Decor Collection to see our must have products that'll transform your playroom!
DIY Playroom Mini Market Makeover Janod kids toy

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