DIY Seasonal Wreath

Having to store and pull out seasonal decor can easily be a nuisance, and so I try my best to combine fall and winter decor together as much as I can! This DIY wreath is great because it can be used when fall begins until winter ends, and if you're where I'm from, that's a very long time.

What you'll need:
One 15" gold hoop
Roll of twine
Two leaf stems of your choice
One floral stem of your choice that works for both seasons
Straight snips to cut the faux flowers
Black zip ties
Hot glue and a glue gun 

First you'll need to lay out your two leaf stems around the hoop until it's in a position you like. I wanted an assymetrical wreath and placed it so that it took up 1/3 of the wreath. Afterwards, you'll lay your floral stem above the leaves and then bend the bottom leaves into the floral stem so that they look natural intertwined.

At this point, it's okay to have the base part of the stems slightly sticking out. You'll need to bend the stems with the hoop until it looks as good as it's going to get (we'll clean it up later)! Once it's in place, you'll have to zip tie them onto the hoop and cut off the long ends of the zip tie with your straight snips. I spaced it out and placed three zip ties around my stems.

Now you can start using your straight snips to cut off some of the extra leaves you don't want, or stem bases that are sticking out.

*Leave around 1" of the base of the stem because this is what's holding everything together.*

At the bottom of your floral bunch, there'll be the base of your stem that looks a little rough. You'll need to wrap your twine around this. Start with a knot where the stem gathers and branches out. Make sure the knot faces the rear of the wreath so that it's hidden away from sight. Hot glue your knot in place and once it's dried, you can then continue to wrap the twine towards the metal hoop. Once you reach the metal hoop, wrap it 2-3" in length and then make a knot at the rear and hot glue it in place.

Optional: If you'd like your wreath to be placed a certain way on your wreath hanger, you'll need to create a thick bead of hot glue at the top. You could also make a bow and hook and glue this in place on the hoop.

Let me know how this DIY worked for you by tagging us on Instagram or in our comment section!

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