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DIY Family Costume Halloween Sushi Costume

Diy costume sushi family

I can't believe it's that time of year again! I'm not going to lie, I've been planning for this Halloween family costume while I was pregnant and I can't wait to share it! I thought it was the cutest family set and hey, who doesn't love sushi? 

Would knowing how to sew and having a cricut machine make my life a whole lot easier? Yes. Am I going to do either? Probably not. 
Here are the things you'll need for this cute family costume set: 
  • 3 Sheets Of Orange Felt 
  • 4" Roll Of Black Felt 
  • 1 Sheet Of Black Felt 
  • 1 Large Sheet Of Green Felt 
  • 1 Large Sheet Of White Felt
  • 2 Sheets Of Red Felt 
  • Polyester Filling
  • A Few Bobby Pins
  • 2 Safety Pins
  • 3" High Gold Letter Stickers
  • White Label Paper
  • Printer
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Precise Exacto Knife 
  • Black Chef Jacket, you can find one here with this link Chef Jacket
To create the baby sushi you'll need to cut the following items out:
  • Orange Felt For The Baby Fish Body: Overall 8" on the widest part and 3.75" on the smallest portion by 12" long (x2).
  • White Felt For The Baby Fish Body: You'll need to trace over your orange fish body on a sheet of white felt and cut this out. From there you'll fold your white fish body in half and outline how many stripes you want. Once it's all outlined, you'll then cut each seperate piece out. This will help it be symmetrical! 
  • Orange Felt For The Baby Fish Tail: Overall 5" wide x 4.5" (x2). 
Once this is done, tackle the tail fin in 3 parts. Line up your 2 pieces together (top and bottom) and work your way outside in. We're going to hot glue the outside edges on one half but leave a small opening to insert polyester fill. Once that's done, repeat on the other side. This will leave the last opening with enough room for you to fluff and fill to your liking. Once it is all done, hot glue the final opening to complete your seal!
Next you'll need to glue down all of your white stripes on top of the fish body. Make sure you get the all the edges firmly glued in place so that they don't end up going upwards!
Once this is done, you'll need to repeat the same steps as the tail fin with the main "body" pieces (top and bottom). After this is complete, you can then glue the tail fin to the underside of the fish body. 
Diy family costume sushi
You'll need to cut the following pieces to complete your baby sushi costume: 
  • Black Felt For The Baby Nori Belly Band: 2.5" high band based on how long you need it to wrap around baby (make sure you include enough length for tying it up in your measurements)
  • Green Felt For The Haran Grass: Cut the sides of the green felt in a grass-like pattern with varying heights, so that they run 2" past your baby's torso. 
Kikkoman soy sauce family costume
To create the mom soy sauce hat, you'll need to cut your red felt into the following pieces:
  • Hat band is 16" long x 2.5" high
  • Top part of the hat is a 6" diameter circle
  • Side spouts are 5" long x 1.25" high pieces (x2)
  • The hidden band I glued bobby pins to is a 8" long x 1.25" wide piece
To assemble the hat, you'll need to do the following steps:
  • First, you'll need to glue the 16" long hat band piece into a circle. I overlayed about 1/2" and glued along the whole 2.5" edge.
  • Then you'll lay this on top of your 6" diameter circle. Try to place it the centre, as even as possible and glue along the inner side so that your glue doesn't show on the outside of your hat. It's easiest to glue in little increments to make sure it dries in place nicely. 
  • Takethe two side spout pieces and glue them on the sides of the hat. 
  • Lastly, glue a hidden band inside the hat so that you can bobby pin this onto your head. 
Kikkoman soy sauce family costume
For the soy sauce waist band, you'll need to cut black felt to be a 5" high band and have the length to be long enough to tie a nice bow. You'll need to stick on your 3" high gold letters to spell out SOY in the middle of your waist band. 
For the Kikkoman logo, you'll need to print off a logo on a normal piece of paper based on how big you want it on your chest. I taped this on top of my gold paper, and used my exacto knife and scissors to cut it out. Once this is complete, you can lay your gold logo onto black felt and cut out a black hexagon that's roughly 1/2" larger than your logo. Hot glue your logo onto the black felt so that this can be safety pinned onto your outfit!
Sushi chef family costume
For the dad sushi chef costume, you'll need to cut black felt to be a 2.5" high head band based on how long you need it to wrap around the head (make sure you leave enough length to include tying it up in your measurements). After this step, you'll need to cut a 1.75" diameter red circle and hot glue this into the centre of the head band. 
There are lots of different modern Hachimaki designs you can put on your headband. I used the word Japan (Nihon), in their Kanji language so that it was easier to cut out. I printed this onto label paper so that it was 1.25" high and stuck one character on either side of the red dot (symbolizing the sun). If you don't have label paper, you can substitute this with regular paper and hot glue it onto the headband.
Sushi family costume
Now that you have all the pieces to make your family costume, your baby will need to dress up in a white body suit, the mom will be in a black dress and the dad will wear the chef jacket paired with some black pants. I hope you and your family will create some funny yet precious memories with this costume set. From my family to yours, have a safe and happy Halloween!
Sushi family costume
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