Five Beautiful DIY Gifts

DIY Gifts

DIY beautiful gifts handmade

This year, I decided to make beautiful, handmade gifts for our friends and family. More than ever, this Christmas made me refocus that gift giving shouldn't be on materialistic things, and that there are other ways of sharing gifts in a meaningful way. Things made by hand can help make this Christmas special for everyone on your list.

Below I've listed the gifts I made this year:
Family Postcard and Photobook Gifts
DIY beautiful gifts handmade
I created our Christmas family post card this year and had them printed through Vistaprint. I also created a year to date photobook of our baby to give to the grandparents. I did a lot of research and ended up using Mixbook! They have premade templates that saved me a ton of time and had an easy drop and play process. Clink the banner ad below to get 50% off of your Mixbook! 
Melt and Pour Soaps
DIY beautiful gifts handmade
You can find tons of melt and pour soap recipes online, just make sure they aren't cold cured soaps. As pretty as cold cured soaps are, they're much more complicated and avoids turning your Kitchen into a lab. I layered goats milk on the top and bottom with a glycerin middle later. In one mould, I had it with oats, and with the other mould I had rose petals. I instantly regretted the rose petals because I didn't know that it reacts and loses it colour. Oh well! They still make really pretty gifts!
Lotion Bars
DIY beautiful gifts handmade
I purchased this cloud silicone mould and filled it with half beeswax pellets and half coconut oil. Then add your fragrance and let it dry! 
Resin Alphabet
DIY beautiful gifts handmade
I wanted to create a gift for my friend's little girl who's just learning her letters and wanted to make spelling her name fun! With the letters of her name, I made them out of rose petals and the rest of the letters of the alphabet with neutral shades of pink and some extra sparkle! Find a cute font and print off the alphabet to match up the letters to.
Fillable Ornaments
DIY beautiful gifts handmade
You can follow my previous DIY on how to create these. They're perfect for grandparents, new parents, expected parents and let's not forget our fur mom's! Tie them into the ribbon of their gifts as their name tag for an extra pop to their gift!
Alcohol Artwork
DIY beautiful gifts handmade
I can't take all the credit here, my friend set up the canvases and taught me how to make these pieces with alcohol ink. They turned out so cute, and can be the perfect gift even on a small scale. 
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