Ikea Kallax Hack


As soon as I started planning out the play room and accumulated toys on toys on toys, I knew the day had come that I needed a Kallax unit from Ikea. I always dreaded this day because  I was never a big fan of them, but practicality wise, nothing can beat the price tag and functionality of it. Here are a few tips that help elevate the look of the Ikea Kallax.

Ikea kallax hack diy meraki Collective

Adding Legs

IKEA Eket Base on Legs Birch 903.490.05 Size 27 1/2x9 7/8x3 7/8":  Amazon.ca: Home & Kitchen

Although I liked the cleaner lines, I couldn't justify the price point Ikea Eket cabinet compared to the Kallax. I loved their price point on the leg base and was able to get a set of base legs that fit the width of the Kallax unit I wanted.

Some other options I was considering were gold furniture legs on Amazon. Try searching triangle furniture legs, brass furniture legs and hairpin legs to see what suits your place best!

Mix & Matching Inserts

Ikea kallax hack diy meraki Collective

Another quick tip was having different inserts within each unit. On the top I used baskets and had full sized bins on the bottom. This play on shapes breaks out the monotony and refreshens a typical Kallax unit filled with full sized bins.

Ikea kallax diy meraki Collective

I hope this blog post helps inspire you to add a little touch to your Kallax unit! Be sure to check out our Nursery Decor Collection to complete your playroom! 


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