Minnie Mouse Wreath DIY

Disney DIY Wreath

Disney minnie mouse wreath diy

Calling all disney lovers! We all have a friend or two who just loves everything about disney! Give them a one of a kind gift this year, or complete your front door with this adorable Minnie Mouse wreath.

Minnie mouse disney Wreath DIY

What you'll need

  • 12" Straw Wreath
  • String or Small Ribbon
  • 4x 3" Vineyard Wreaths
  • 2 1/2" Ribbon To Wrap Around All The Wreaths
  • 2 1/2" Red Wired Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

Minnie mouse disney Wreath DIY
First you'll need to work on the ears. Take two 3" vineyard wreaths and tie them together with string. Repeat this step again until both your ears are complete.

Then you'll take your two ears and place them on the 12" straw wreath proportionately for it to look like Minnie Mouse. Once they're in place, you can tie the ears onto the larger wreath with string.
Minnie mouse disney Wreath DIY
Next we'll work on the bow. You'll need to create an individual bow with the 2 1/2" wired red ribbon. You could look up a picture of Minnie Mouse's bow for reference!

Once that's complete, you'll need to use the same 2 1/2" ribbon and attach this onto the wreaths. I tried my best to show it through a picture, essentially, you'll be making a figure 8 with this ribbon. One loop of the "8" will be around the central part of the bow, the other loop will be on the wreath. To close the loop, you'll need to tie a knot at the rear part of the wreath so that it's easy to hide.

Minnie mouse disney Wreath DIY

Next we'll need to make the top ribbon that lets you hang your wreath on your hanger. This sizing can be based on how high you'd like your wreath to hang from your wreath hanger, so you'll need to play around with the height to cut the appropriate amount of ribbon.

First, you'll need to take the 2 1/2" red ribbon and do the same figure 8 at the top of the 12" wreath. One part of the loop wraps around the wreath, and the other loop is as long as needed for it to hang on the hanger. I'm not good at making or explaining knots, but you'll need to close the ribbon where the middle part of the figure 8 meets the wreath. This is so that the ribbon tapers down to the wreath. 
Minnie mouse disney Wreath DIY
Cut all the loose ends of the red ribbon as close as you can, and you can start wrapping your Minnie Mouse wreath with the 2 1/2" ribbon. When doing this, make sure you cover the back part of the bow and loop for the hanger. You might have to wrap it around a couple times to make sure it's fully covered!

Once you have it covered, you can cut the end of the ribbon so that it ends at the rear portion of your wreath. Hot glue it in place and you're done!
Minnie mouse disney Wreath DIY
This wreath brings the disney magic to your home, and makes the perfect gift! If you're still looking for gift ideas, make sure you head over to our five beautiful diy gifts blog post! Happy crafting!!

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