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Door latch closer diy

Now we've all been here before, where we put all this work into getting our little one to sleep. We slowly back away from the crib, open the door, and the door makes a noise. You don't want to look back and make eye contact with your baby (not to mention, starting back at square one), so you keep walking, and pray your baby didn't notice!

I tried a few different no sew door draft closers, but they all worked for door knobs, or I was hesitant on glueing an elastic in place (the last thing I wanted was for this to fly and wake my little one up). With this door draft closer, you could have one layer of thin felt so that you're able to actually close the latch into the hole, or add a design of your choice and have it quietly close, be in place but not fully close. 
Door latch closer diy
This is what you'll need:
  • 1 Sheet Of Thin Felt (2 colours if you'd like to add a design)
  • Permanent Marker
  • Individual Hole Puncher
  • Scissors
  • Elastic Band (Click the link to purchase this item)
  •  A Small Rounded Item For Your Corners (I used a Nespresso pod)
Diy door latch cover
First, you'll need to trace out your felt with a permanent marker into a 2" long x3" high piece. Then, you'll need to round your corners with something small you have laying around. I used a Nespresso pod but you could try a bottle cap or spice lid. This is dependent on how rounded off you want it. 
Once everything is cut out, you'll need to punch your holes based on the diagram. The centre of the hole will be 5/8" from the top and bottom edges and 2/3" from the side edge. 
Optional: you can add an extra piece onto your felt. I tried one with a heart and one with initials and they both turned out great!
Diy latch cover
Door latch closer diy
Afterwards, you'll need to cut a 12" long piece of the elastic band. Wrap the elastic like a figure 8, looping around the handles and the middle portions hiding behind your felt. Make it as tight as possible, double knot it in place, and cut off the excess. 
Door latch closer diy
There you have it! A quick and easy, no sew door draft closer so that you have one less thing to worry about. 
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