Quick and Easy DIY Ikea Brimnes Hack

diy ikea ikea brimnes ikea hack

Ikea Brimnes Hack diy easy mom project

Now, if you're in the world of DIY's, then you've already discovered that there's a Canada wide shortage of rattan for crafts. I really wanted to do an IKEA hack for a closed storage cabinet and was able to do it with a Brimnes glass door cabinet. 

Now I have to say this in advance, I do a lot of my projects during nap times, so they're not the most ideal outcome that I'd hope for! Pre-baby, my husband would help me out with making sure all my lines are straight and my mess is at a minimum. Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury anymore and my messiness is a little out of hand after!

Ikea Brimnes burlap diy hack

Here's a break down of what you'll need:

  • A Black Brimnes Glass Door Cabinet (assembled except for the door hinges)
  • 4x Rolls of Crafty Cuts Laminated Burlap (I purchased mine from Michaels)
  • Tape Measurer
  • Box Cutting Knife and A Flat Straight Edge
  • Gorilla Glue or No More Nails
  • Gold Spray Paint With Primer Included

Ikea Brimnes hack

First, you'll need to lay the Brimnes door fronts down and make sure that the door fronts are facing you. Measure each opening of the glass and cut your laminated burlap to size.

*OPTIONAL: If you'd like to have the burlap showing on both sides and not have glue showing when you open the doors, you'll need atleast 8 rolls of laminated burlap. I made a few mistakes cutting them and had to choose from the best ones I cut.

Ikea hack Brimnes cabinet burlap diy

Glue down each cut piece above the glass and make sure your glue isn't too close to the edge, as the glue will spread as it's pushed down. Lay something heavy above each piece so that it'll dry in place. (Again, I'm a messy DIYer and my husband usually takes over at this point so my cuts are very very messy!)

Repeat these steps until you have all the cut outs covered with the laminated burlap.

Ikea Brimnes hack diy gold spray paint

As this was drying, I sprayed the existing handles with the gold spray paint to give it a rich touch. I think I'll purchase half moon pulls at a later date, but this worked perfectly in the meantime!

Ikea Brimnes hack diy

There you have it! The organic textures of the laminated burlap against the stark black and accent of gold will add a high level of richness and design to any space!

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